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As a teenager, I worked spent the most time with my grandmother who was a well-known herbalist in our town. She cured hundreds of sick people with natural remedies. On her death bed, she left me her Healing Journal. I kept the journal save – gradually as the years go by, her memories faded away. After high school, I left for the big city to pursue a corporate career. After spending 6 years in the corporate world I became depressed and realized I have followed the wrong path. I sold all I had, took the journal and traveled to India to learn about the ancient Ayurvedic Medicine. I spent 2 years in India and my life transformed. What I learned in India formed and the content of my grannies journal formed the content of this book and this blog at large. This book holds the powerful untold ancient Ayurvedic secrets and amazing home and beauty home remedies.

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About ME

Chinonso Anyaehie is Africa’s leading authority on Natural Health. He is the director of Go Healthy Africa and – Africa’s foremost and largest health and wellness brand. His research on the healing power of raw foods has brought about an immense revolution in the wellness industry in Africa -saving millions of lives. He strongly believes that given the right kind of food, the body has the capacity to heal itself. In 2009, he made a vow to abstain from any form of pharmaceutical drugs and nourish himself with real food. Ever since then he has thrived in good health. This awareness is what he wishes to spread across the world

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A-Z Home Remedies

A – Z OF Home Remedies

Hi there 🙂 Use this section to browse through my A-Z home remedies for various chronic health conditions

A-Z Beauty Remedies


Hi Cutie 🙂 Feel free to use this section to browse through my A-Z DIY Beauty Remedies for your beauty needs. It works!.

Healthy Juicing


:)Am glad to know that you are a lover of juicing. I have carefully written a detailed piece on juicing just for you. Click here to start your journey