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When I was a teenager I worked alongside with my grandmother who was a well-known herbalist in our town. She cured hundreds of sick people with her natural remedies. On her death bed she left me her Healing Journal. I kept the journal save – gradually as the years go by, her memories and works faded away. After high school I left for the big city to pursue a corporate career. After spending 6 years in the corporate world I became depressed and realized I have followed the wrong path. I sold all I had, took the journal and travelled to India to learn about the ancient Ayurvedic Medicine. I spent 2 years in India and my life transformed. What I learnt in India formed the content of this book and this blog at large. This books holds the powerful untold ancient Ayurvedic secrets and home remedies.

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Confused? I suggest you start here. I have carefully outlined most of the blog topics covered in the blog under three categories. Feel free to click on any thumbnail that suits what you are looking for. Have a great time reading The Nature’s Farmacy. Thank you. Hope to see you again

A-Z Home Remedies

A – Z OF Home Remedies

Hi there :) Use this section to browse through my A-Z home remedies for various chronic health conditions

A-Z Beauty Remedies


Hi Cutie :) Feel free to use this section to browse through my A-Z DIY Beauty Remedies for your beauty needs. It works!.

Healthy Juicing


:)Am glad to know that you are a lover of juicing. I have carefully written a detailed piece on juicing just for you. Click here to start your journey

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Get my free 166 Marvellous Miracles of coconut oil and discover its miraculous benefits. I guarantee you will love it

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Free ebook: A must have natural remedies for your first aid box

I love to travel, but experience has taught me the benefits of carrying along my natural first-aid kit in case of emergencies.

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Free ebook: 50 marvelous miracles of baking soda

You will be amazed what this household substance can do, From medical to personal Care and household Cleaner.

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