Are you having sexual challenges with your man? These are the 15 best home remedies for impotence

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The subject of impotency have being a popular demand on The Natures Farmacy. Every now and then I get emails, that I should write a piece on this issue.  I really know how it feels to battle with impotence because I have being there myself. You try to avoid any intimate move with any woman because you don’t want her to see you any less. Your self-esteem is rock bottom and you feel guilt that you are useless and fear of ridicule. In this piece I have carefully outlined the home remedies for impotence, I hope you find what you are looking for in this article. I will always try more than my best to bring joy to as many people and be of positive light to the world. Below are a few home remedies you should consider in battling with impotency


Home Remedies for impotence
1.  Garlic

Garlic help me while I was battling through my own case, so I can strongly recommend that to you also. Garlic is a huge immune booster and contains allicin, which improves blood flow. It regulates the blood circulation so that your genital areas get the majority of blood during sexual excitement. I know the smell can be awful and irritates your partner. But I found a way of consuming garlic. Every night after eating dinner, peel three large garlic cloves and crush them, mix them up and swallow with a glass of water. Don’t try to chew them, just swallow. This wouldn’t stop you from smelling awful though but it will sure do reduce the intensity.

home remedies for impotence



2.   Carrot

Carrot is another great alternative for you. Carrots contains ingredients that help enhance sexual stamina and boost the testosterone. Also its aphrodisiac properties helps excites the mind and body so that an erection can occur. The ways I used this was to chop the carrot and mix it with a boiled egg. You can use the quail egg for more effective results. If you have peanut butter around, that’s also a great alternative.

Carrot (1)

3.   Ginger

Ginger is another great alternative that works wonders for erectile dysfunction. The active compound in ginger known as gingerol, shogaol and zingiberene have been shown to have some effect on the blood vessels. Ginger also helps to stop premature ejaculation and helps sustain erection. I have a great ginger juice portion I wish to share with you. Simply mix the juice of ginger with a little honey and drink with any egg of your choice. These great combination can help cure the problems of erectile dysfunction and impotence.



4.  Date Palm

Date Palm is another great alternative for people facing impotency. This fruit is a great source of energy which is great for sexual life. I suggest you mix date palm with pumpkin seeds and almonds for best results


5.  Onion

Onion just as garlic is good for impotency. Onion is a great aphrodisiac natural remedy which helps stop impotency and increase libido while promoting regular blood flow throughout the body. It also helps make sure you stay arouse for extended period of time. I developed a portion I will share with you right now.

Firstly peel white onion, crush it and make a paste out of it. Fry the paste in a teaspoon of butter and then add this mixture to a spoonful of honey. Take on an empty stomach. Do this regularly and you will see remarkable change in your sex life. If this is a big deal for you, simply slice one onion and add to your meal.


6.  Asparagus

Asparagus is another great food to stimulate the libido in men and to cure premature ejaculation in men plus other sexual related problems. For best results pour 15 grams of asparagus roots and mix with 2 cups of milk. Drink this mixture 2 times every day.


7. Watermelon Seeds

I eat this a lot, just for eating sake. Never knew it has such an immense power. Watermelon contains arginine which helps relax blood vessels as well as providing the much needed boost to blood circulation. No wonder I have such excessive libido now, I owe it to this seed. It also helps heighten sexual desire. For best results simply buy watermelon and eat it with the seeds together. The seeds are not that bad, in fact they taste great.


8.  Ginseng

Although I have never tried this alternative out. But I have heard of its great powers from the people that have. Ginseng helps improves nitric acid in the body as well as blood vessels in the penis. It is also well known as the universal products for boosting libido. For best result boil ginseng in water and drink, or better still consume ginseng as a capsule. I found this particular one on amazon, I think its greats


9. Almonds

Almonds are high in vitamin E and the essential acid present helps regulate blood flow and circulation. It helps desensitize your genitals so that pleasure can last for a longer time. For best results just buy almond and eat


10.  Get Regular Exercise

Exercise is generally good for the overall body and gets your blood pumping and moving rapidly throughout the body. It also helps produce endorphins which increases your sexual urge and promotes erection. Regular exercise also helps boost your testosterone as well as increased blood flow.

Home remedies for impotence

11.  Relax your body

Sometimes we think we are impotent, whereas the issue is that we aren’t relax. This have happened to me a lot. Just try and relax your mind. Get rid of the anxiety thought and just enjoy all the way.

Home Remedies for impotency

12.  Quit Smoking

Smoking can cut the blood flow from the blood vessels. Try use other nicotine replacements like gum or electric cigarettes if you can’t quit cold turkey.


13.  No Drink Before Sex.

Don’t drink before sex, alcohol has the ability to weaken your sexual functioning


14. Eat food rich in Vitamin A and Fiber

Vitamin a rich foods helps reduce sexual dysfunction while foods rich in water soluble fibre will help in reducing the erectile dysfunction



15.  Ladies Finger (Okra)

Ladies finger is known to be a sexual tonic and has been in use since ancient times to treat varying sexual problems and increasing Libido. Its a common vegetable in Africa and can help remedy diabetes . Ten grams of the ladies finger root powder must be taken along with a glass of warm milk and two tablespoons of powdered mishri. This is known to cure premature ejaculation, thin semen, ED and general sexual problems.

Home Remedy for Impotence



These are all I have for you. Hope you fine what you are looking for. All the best