Juicing Benefits

Benefits of Juicing

In Ayurveda by Marvin Francis


  1. Absorbs Immediately:   Your body absorbs the nutrients in the juice right away into the cells and blood stream, because there is no need to break down the solid form. Vitamin, minerals and phytochemicals occurs in a form that the body can make use right away to feed the cells and nourish the body.
  2. Guarantees the Daily Dose:        It is almost impossible to consume some varieties of fruits and vegetables the same time, personally there some vegetable I can’t imagine eating raw. Juicing helps you consume all these whole vegetables in one sitting and ensure you have your guaranteed daily dose of fruits and vegetables as recommended by WHO.
  3. Nourishes your Body:    Juicing exposes you to various fruits and vegetables that nourish your body that would be otherwise difficult to integrate on your regular diet. With juicing all you need to do is find the right recipe.
  4. Detoxes and Cleanse:    Consistence juicing helps eliminate build-up of waste from the body giving your digestive a rest, this process detoxes cleanses and purifies your digestive. Always remember that the number one way the body stays healthy and happy is through elimination of built in waste from the body.
  5. Creates a Healthy Alkaline State:             Most of the unhealthy diets we eat on regular basics are highly acidic. The human body is meant to maintain a particular pH value, so juicing helps move the body to the right direction and closer to your ideal alkaline state.
  6.  Makes your skin glow and your hair shine:         As I progressed in my juicing journey I observed lots of changes in my appearance, my skin starts to glow, hair start to shine and I also noticed a spark in my eye. This benefits of  juicing may not be immediately noticeable, but if you stick, you will see a lovely improvements in those areas
  7. Helps Control Carvings:                                One of the benefits of juicing is that it helps you  have better control of your appetite and carvings. When you make juicing a habit you start to break the addiction with sugar and junk foods owing to the fact that both can’t co-exist. You then naturally move away from a poor eating habit and gravitate towards healthier choices.
  8. Eases Weight loss and Maintenance:     Juicing helps you lose weight and maintain your ideal weight, more especially when on Juice fast. If juicing is well integrated on our diets we will start to shed some weight.
  9. Raises your Energy Level:            Juicing increases your energy level. The greener juices invigorate your body, and with all the vitamins and phytonutrients, you will get a burst of energy. The energy boost from juices is one of the main reasons people enjoy going on juice fast.
  10. Gives you Mental Clarity:             When on juice fast you will notice the fresh state of mind juicing have brought to you. Juicing eliminates the fogginess and cloudiness from junk foods and other bad foods. The cleaner the internal system gets from consistent juicing, the clearer and shaper your mental state become, helping you focus better at work and on your projects and life goals.
  11. Acts as the Perfect Snack:            Instead of snacking on solid foods, you can enjoy a glass of juice. It fills you up, satisfies your hunger, and moves those craving into the background.
  12. Increase your Immune System:                                 Juicing boosts your immune system and helps your body resist and fight infections. It also fights the onset of cold and flu if you catch it early and overdose on juicing recipes that are high in Vitamin C and antioxidants.
  13. Tastes Irresistibly Delicious:       When you get the right recipe, juicing can taste irresistibly delicious. Always make new recipes and find out ones that are delicious to your taste buds.
  14. Juicing is Pure Fun:         My experience with juicing is nothing but fun, it’s not cooking or baking, it’s simply putting fruits and vegetables down your juicer’s chute and enjoying a new drink every. It’s like having a fun lab experiment with tasting after the fact
  15. Lessens Menstrual Cramps:        Juicing helps with our menstrual period cramps first by helping curb the bad craving and second with the nutrients found in some specific fruits and vegetables such as pineapple, which is the number one known juice to lessen cramps, as well as beets, celery, fennel, ginger and leafy greens that contain magnesium.
  16. Acts as a Great Hydrator:             One of the benefits of juicing is it’s hydrating properties. Juicing helps keep the body hydrated far better than caffeine and sodas.
  17. Leads to more Healthy Habits:  Juicing helps you cultivate other healthy habits such as natural health foods, self-care, body awareness and even meditation and deep breathing. When you have a good habit like juicing, psychologically it would make you think twice about a bad habit that would ruin all the benefits of the good one.
  18. Aids in Healing of Physical Ailments:     Amongst all the benefit of juicing, healing many physical ailments such as joint pain muscle aches, stomach aches, ulcers and digestive problems amazes me the most it helps expedite the healing process
  19. Makes you happy:  Yes I said it. Juicing makes you happy. The fresh taste of this hydrating drink makes my cells sing “Halleluiah” When juicing I feel so close to Mother Nature.
  20. Generates Mood Balance:           Juicing enhances your mood by balancing your emotional highs and lows. This benefit you see over time, say after a month or two of juicing, not immediately.