Can sugar derived from fruits increases the risk of type 2 diabetes?

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[fusion_text]It’s a known fact that increased consumption of sugary drinks and food increases the risk of type 2 diabetes as well as body weight. But what about natural sugar (Fructose) derived from the consumption of fruits and fruits juices, Which brings up the question Can sugar derived from fruits  increases the risk of type 2 diabetes?

My grandmother suffered from diabetes for over 8 years and she tried her best to abstain from any sugary food including fruits with the fear that it’s going to spike her blood sugar level high, sticking only to her green vegetables.  As a health nut I kept wondering if the sugar derived from these fruits and vegetable are rich in antioxidant, there is no reason she should abstain from them and it took me a while to get her to eat fruits again. Fruits are packed with nutrients that are vital to patients suffering from type II diabetes.

Firstly lets take a look at the bad refined sugar (sucrose) derived from sugary foods and drinks. Researchers found that every extra 12-fluid-ounce serving of sugar-sweetened drink raised the risk of diabetes by 22 percent compared to drinking just one serving a month or less.

My point is that fruits and vegetable consumption was never linked to diabetes incidence but should be consumed in moderation, like 2 servings per day. New research on this subject says that moderate fruits consumption offers immense benefit to patients with type II diabetes. Fruits contain antioxidant that acts on the blood cells.

The bottom line is that you should not shy away from eating your fruits out of fear that it’s going to adversely affect your blood sugar control. Like anything in life, moderation is the key, you should endeavor to limit your fruit consumption to 2 to 3 serving per day.[/fusion_text]