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Do you want to write for my blog? wow, you are more than welcome to be a part of my network. I started this blog with the sole purpose of providing free and educative contents for my audience. I try as much as much possible to narrow the grounds I cover. With that said only articles on home/natural remedies, beauty remedies and natural juicing will be allowed. Writing for The Nature’s Farmacy is quite tough – because I work hard to ensure that every piece I write becomes the best version of that piece online.


Am so keen about originality. Accepting to be a guest blogger on my blog – means you are ready to create 100% original content. I know that most times coming up with original content can be difficult, but endeavor to do thorough research and structure the outcome in your own words and experience. Write because you enjoy it and want to share your knowledge not because you want to get backlinks. The backlinks will come naturally.


The tone you communicate with is very paramount. Do yourself a favor and not sound too formal. Be friendly, be vulnerable, be positive, be personal. Free yourself and let it flow naturally. Reading about remedies can be boring – don’t add to it.


Let’s not bit more than we can chew. It’s best to narrow the content you produce to home remedies, beauty remedies and juicing (oh! I love juicing) we can broaden the scope in the future – but for now, let’s cover insane topics on these areas.

Word Count

I love lengthy articles, that’s just how I roll. But, for most people this just don’t cut in. I prefer long form articles because it gives you more room to cover insane grounds on the topic you are writing about. The idea is to provide valuable information (evergreen). So keep it at 1000 words and above. It must never be less than 800 words. If you can write 1500 and it make total sense, I will post it.

SEO driven content

Most people who message me for an opportunity to post on this blog only do it in an attempt to boost their SEO. I get, that’s most people’s motive. But the truth is that, if you shift your attention from SEO to producing good content that people will share. You will drive more leads to your page and make more sales.


I’m a lover of life, cheerful – the whole positivity, and meditations stuff. So everyone is invited. As far as you will be open minded, non-judgmental and have a love of nature and live.

Excellent writing, spelling and grammar

Do me and yourself a favor and make sure to properly edit your work before sending. If you can’t do this yourself, contract somebody on fiverr – with $5 you can get your work properly edited. If you can’t afford that, run your work through Grammarly. I will try my best to read it through – but don’t send in shitty work, expecting I clean it up.

Share with your community

Once your post goes live. We encourage you to share with your own community on social media. We will do the same on our end. That’s the way we build relationships.

When You Get Accepted

Since I don’t compensate people who write for me – feel free to add links to your website and social media channels, but do this only on your bio. If you must add to the body, make sure that what you are linking to is an important information you want our reader to get out of your website. Not a sales funnel. Keep your bio brief about 4 5 sentence max.

Real passion

If you have zero passion for home and beauty remedies. Don’t bother contacting me. You must love what you write about to produce good content.

I Appreciate my Contributors:

I really appreciate people who wish to write for my site. But most times, while I will love to be able to connect with each writer individually, at times when submissions are high. I and my little team may find it hard to get across to everyone. With that said if you don’t hear from use within 10 days. Feel free to submit another piece.

Before submitting your post to this website, Please agree to my Terms of service and understand that my editorial team has full discretion to edit your post and headline as needed.

WHY WRITE FOR The Nature’s Farmacy?

  • For what it’s worth. You’re writing for a beautiful blog. lol
  • You get to be of positive influence in the world and let your voice be heard in a unique way.
  • Get more visit your website.
  • Connect with my readers on a Global scale
  • Make a difference to the health and lives of others by being of service
  • Gain invaluable writing experience
  • Work at home and set your own schedule
  • Get your name and original content out there
  • Be featured throughout our social media channels and email updates

Before you send in any post, ask yourself these few questions.

  • Has your post already appeared on this website?
  • Do you have a great headline that grabs attention?
  • Are you really writing for our niche?
  • Does your post contain 100% original content?
  • Do you have an image that will accompany your post?
If you feel like you are ready to go: pitch your post to

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