Health and Beauty benefits of Moringa Plant

In Herbal Remedies, Natural Medicine by Julia Taylor

Health Benefits of Moringa

  • Good for bones :  Moringa leaves are rich in calcium and help in maintaining bone health. It can treat bone related problems in a natural way. As compared to milk as it has a higher amount of calcium as well as protein in it. It is also useful in osteoporosis.
  • Cures cough and cold: Moringa flowers are used to ward off cough and cold. The flowers are boiled in water to make a herbal tea, which is useful in combating the common cold.
  • Prevents anemia :  Since moringa leaves have high amount of iron in it, it helps in treating anemia. Consuming the leaves help in maintaining the normal levels of red blood cells and hemoglobin in the blood.
  • Stimulates metabolism : Moringa helps in stimulating metabolism and assists in burning more calories. This makes it an excellent food to include in your weight loss plan.
  •  Assists lactation :  It is very useful for nursing mothers as the leaves help in increasing the quality of breast milk. It also increases the production of milk which can be highly beneficial for the baby. Because of this property, it has long been used as a traditional medicine for lactating mothers.
  • Useful in diabetes :   Moringa leaves help in regulating the blood sugar level in an effective way. It provides energy which is non-sugar based and therefore benefits diabetic patients. To regulate the blood sugar level, boil a handful of fresh and clean moringa leaves in 3 cups of water. Simmer it until it is reduced to 1 cup and cool it. Stain the infusion and drink it three times every day continuously for two months to see visible results.
  •  Anti inflammatory:  The anti inflammatory and antiseptic properties of the plant aids quick healing of burns, wounds and injuries. It also reduces sores and swelling of the joints caused due to inflammation. Moringa seeds are also used to treat skin infections in an excellent way.

Beauty Benefits of Moringa

  • Maintains healthy skin : Since moringa is highly nutritive, with a huge number of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients present, it helps in maintaining a healthy and flawless skin. Its moisturizing effect help in preserving the elasticity of the skin to provide problem free and radiant skin. Due to this reason, the extract from seeds, leaves and pods are used in herbal skin care products. Moringa oil can also be applied on skin on a regular basis to keep skin in good form.
  • Anti aging: Moringa helps in fighting free radicals in an effective way to reduce wrinkles and fine line. It can delay aging and keep the skin youthful for years, when consumed on a regular basis.
  • Combats scurvy: Powdered moringa seeds are useful in relieving the symptoms of scurvy and other bacterial infections.
  •  Purifies skin: Moringa has great purifying properties. It can drag out impurities that are trapped deep in the skin and help in eliminating them effectively. It is known to be beneficial in fighting acne. It also rejuvenates and revitalized the skin cells for a fair and radiant look.
  • Promotes healthy hair: The plant helps in sustaining long and shiny hair in many ways. Vitamin A present in it prevents dry scalp and dandruff. Zinc helps in stimulating hair growth while Vitamin E stimulates blood circulation and promotes healthy scalp. It also contains biotin, which is known to promote hair growth.

Apart from the above health and beauty benefits of moringa plant, it also helps in maintaining cholesterol in the blood, checks cancer causing cells and prevents urinary problems effectively. Vitamin A present in the plant strengthens immune system and promotes good vision and eye care. Therefore, adding moringa in your daily diet can boost overall health naturally.