Health Secrets of Orange You Must Know

In Healthy Smoothie by Marvin Francis

Drinking a glass of orange juice in the morning is a healthy way to start your day. Among all the citrus fruit juices orange juice is the one that is most rich in nutrients and the healthiest fruit juice.

Below are some health secrets of orange

  • It can help fight cancer

In orange juice, as well as all other citrus fruit juices, you will find substances referred to as limonoids, which are cancer fighters. They also act as a strong antioxidant that can help prevent the breakdown of cell DNA. Limonoids will stay in your bloodstream for as long as twenty-four hours after drinking orange juice. Citrus limonoids that inhibit and prevent free radicals from destroying body cells fending off cancers of the stomach, mouth, laryngeal, colon, skin, lung, breast, liver and prostrate.


  •  Assists Kidney Function: 

To reduce the risk of kidney disease, try drinking juice orange every day routine. Drinking orange juice regularly prevents kidney diseases and reduces the possibility of kidney stones formation.


  •  Healthy Blood Sugar Levels: 

The wholesome fiber in oranges prevents the absorption of cholesterol into the blood stream, avoiding blood sugar spikes that cause major issues for diabetics.


  •  Good for your cardiovascular system

The antioxidants found in orange juice can help to lower your cholesterol levels because it has been found out that having a high cholesterol level is the cause of many cardiovascular diseases. The potassium in orange juice can help you maintain a normal blood pressure level. If you have high blood pressure there is a flavonone, hesperidin, found in orange juice that can help lower your blood pressure. The vitamin C found in orange juice is said to help slow down hardening of the arteries, referred to as arteriosclerosis. Drinking orange juice can also help to improve blood circulation, reducing the risk of developing a variety of heart diseases.


  • Can give you healthy bones and teeth

An important mineral that is needed by your body to help with the absorption of calcium is magnesium. Your body needs to be able to absorb calcium to help form and maintain healthy teeth and bones. Orange juice has been found to be a great source of this mineral. The calcium in orange juice can help you avoid tooth decay.


  •  Against viral infection

Studies show that the levels of polyphones in fruits orange, to combat the viral infection, which attacks the body.


  •  Overcoming constipation

Fruit not only powerful for lowering cholesterol, but also the problem of obstruction solves fiber in orange constipation and bowel.


  • Healthy eyes

Components of carotenoids in orange, which is converted into vitamin A, are the same as carrots. The eyes consumed remains intact.


  •  Control of blood pressure

Plentiful Potassium, magnesium and the flavonoid hesperidin, present in oranges, helps regulate high blood pressure, hypertension, heart diseases and stroke.


  •  Protect the skin

Beta – carotene in fruits orange is a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from damage. In addition, the preparation protects the skin from signs of skin ageing.


  •  Bone Health: 

Potassium plays an important role in maintaining bone density and preventing/delaying the onset of bone diseases such as osteoporosis and athritis.


  • Provides your body the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs daily

Drinking a glass of orange juice each day will give you an entire day’s worth of vitamin C along with vitamin B6 which will help to produce hemoglobin in your body. There is also calcium for good bone health, folic acid to help boost your brain health along with neural and spinal cord systems, beta carotene can help to prevent damage to your cells.