Healthy food diet: clean eating challenge

In Natural Medicine by Fiona Greyson

The topic about the healthy eating is as old as the hills and despite the fact that most people realise the importance of eating vital food on regular basis, they keep buying junk food and dream about the day when they will have some free time for preparing delicious home made meal that lacks any harmful ingredients the fast food contain. At the end of this article I outlined a clean eating challenge to cleanse and detox your body.


Starting to eat clean is a challenging mission because it requires you to change your old habits and substitute the tasty French fries with steamed vegetables and the chocolates with a teaspoon of honey. It sounds scary indeed but once you get used to it, you will not regret cutting down on fast food. Here are the obligatory steps you have to take in order to cleanse your body, lose some weight and feel better:


  • If you want to clean your body from the toxins, drink as much water as you can. The green tea is also recommended but both of them improve the elasticity of the skin.


  • It is utterly difficult to change your eating habits for a week or two but it is a good start if you keep the processed foods consumption to the minimum. Its way better to eat an apple if you feel hungry in the interval between breakfast and lunch instead of opening a can, containing food of doubtful quality.


  • Needless to say, the fruits and vegetables are irreplaceable in the daily menu of everyone who wants to lead a healthier way of life. You might be tempted by the tasty looking sandwiches you see on labels and billboards but when you realise that a plate of fruit salad or row vegetables can be as delicious as the fries and ice – cream, you won’t pay any attention to the advertisements.


  • Opt for fresh chicken or beef and reduce the quantity of the red meat you usually eat. The fish, however, is the ideal alternative because it contains large quantities of Omega 3 acid fats, said to improve the health in general, regulating the blood pressure and the cholesterol.


  • Is there anyone who haven’t heard of the positive impact of the oat and the wholegrain foods in general, have on the health. The perfect start of the day should include a bowl of oats – it will give you energy and you won’t feel hungry till noon.


  • Nuts are often underestimated but the truth is that the unprocessed walnuts, almonds, peanuts can have an extremely positive impact on your body and mood.

For ultimate results, you’d better talk to a specialist who knows how your body reacts to particular kinds of foods and give you a piece of advice about the cleansing procedure you are about to undergone. If you just want to get rid of a few pounds and cleanse your body as a preventive measure, you can just stick to the following menu. Follow these clean eating challenge  for as long as you can but no less than 3 days:   Breakfast: oatmeal, a fruit by choice (avoid the bananas though). You can also have a few almonds or walnuts Lunch: Some salad, chicken or fish (let the meat be steamed or boiled but not fried) Dinner: Fruit salad In case you are starving between the meals, take an apple or drink a cup of orange juice. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water too. Although yoghurt is widely advertised as a healthy food, it is excluded from our cleansing diet or at least you have to cut down on it for a while.