Kill cold with this simple common cold juice

In Ayurveda, Juice Recipes, Juicing for Health by Marvin Francis

Common cold is a viral infectious disease of the upper respiratory track, which is caused by a number of different types of viruses. Symptoms include cough, sore throat, nasal congestion, runny nose, and sneezing.

Today, I will give you a juice that has worked for me over the years. Whenever I have cold or any member of my family, I quickly go for this juice. This juice warms you from the inside and promotes perspiration. It’s pleasant to drink even if you want to warm up and feel good


Common cold juice recipe:

  • 2 inch slice of ginger
  • ½ lemon with skin
  • 1 cup hot water

Juice the ginger and lemon and add it to the water. It’s a strong brew. If it’s too strong, add more water. Sweeten with a little honey or natural, low-calorie sweeteners like stevia, monk fruit, or xylitol if desired.