Most Effective Natural Remedies for Athlete’s Foot

In Home Remedies by Marvin Francis

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection which occurs mostly between your toes. It’s also known as tinea fungus and is similar to ringworm. Athlete’s foot is contagious and you can get it by just touching someone who is suffering from it. It occurs mostly with people who has become sweaty due to long confinement in tight-fitting shoes. It can also be contacted when you work bear foot on a damp floor in public places like toilets and public showers. It can also be contracted from pets. The fungus penetrates deep into the skin and its usually accompanied by symptoms like scaly rash, itching, stinging and burning. If you are prone to Athlete’s food endeavor to wear flip-flops while in public showers and toilets. Also, ensure that you properly dry your toes after bathing or swimming. Over-the-counter medications may work for athlete’s foot, but do not nourish or help heal the skin that has being traumatized by a fungal infection. Below are some of the effective Natural Remedies for Athlete’s Foot.



Plain yogurt works well in killing the fungus causing the infection. I don’t like recommending over the counter medication to athlete’s foot sufferer because certain natural remedies work just fine. Yogurt is one of the remedies I recommend to patients – but make sure you are getting unsweetened plain yogurt. The healing property in yogurt is due to the presence of acidophilus bacteria which stops the spread of fungus and kills the existing fungus causing the infection. With the aid of a cotton swab apply a reasonable amount of yogurt to the affected areas and leave it to dry up completely. Rinse out the yogurt patches afterward with warm water. Yogurt also have a soothing effect on the infection.

Garlic Oil for Athlete’s Foot

Garlic is one of the best remedies for athlete’s foot and best used for those with recurring fungal infection of the foot. It is available in supplement and oil form. Its anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties make it effective in the treatment of athlete’s foot. To use garlic for athlete’s foot, simply rub two to three drops of garlic oil on the affected areas. If you don’t know where to get garlic oil from, you can make it yourself, simply add a generous amount of olive oil to the garlic and cover the mixture. Allow it to sit for about 3 days but endeavor to shake the jar often. Then soak a cotton ball in the garlic oil and rub it directly on the affected area. You can also prepare a foot bath and add crushed garlic into it. Soak your feet in for about 30 minutes and dry feet afterward. You can also get already made garlic oil on Amazon

Baking Soda

Baking Soda never lacks in my kitchen. I use it mostly when I want to tackle fungal infections. It does a great job in neutralizing the stinging, burning and itching sensation accompanied with athlete’s foot. Simply make a paste of baking soda and water. Apply the paste on the affected area, more especially between your toes. Let the paste dry up, then rinse if off with cool water. Make use you dry up your feet properly afterward. Repeat this treatment two to three times daily until the fungus is gone. Here is a link to the baking soda I recommend

Mustard Powder

Mustard powder can also do the trick because of its fungal kill properties. Prepare a foot bath and add a few drops of mustard oil or sprinkle the mustard powder into it. Soak your feet in it for about 30 minutes. Repeat this, morning and night till fungus disappears. Try this simple organic mustard seed powder on Amazon

Salt Soak

Salt also does wonders in the treatment of athlete’s food. But be sure you are using sea salt not table salt – sea salt is more effective. Make a foot bath by adding 2 tsp of salt into 1 quart of warm water. Soak your feet in the salt water for about five to ten minutes. This should be done several times daily until infection is finally gone.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has natural antiseptic properties that you can use to fight fungal infections. There are a couple of ways to apply the oil. If you have toenail fungus, simply dab a bit of the oil directly onto the discolored spots on your nails several times a day. If you’re fighting a skin-based fungus, such as athlete’s foot, mix 3 parts tea tree oil to 1-part aloe vera gel, rub the mixture onto the infected areas twice daily. Tea tree oil takes about six to eight weeks to eliminate fungal infections, so be patient if you choose this method. The reason for adding the aloe vera is to make tea tree more effective in curing the infection. You can get one here

Grapefruit Seed Extract for Athlete’s Foot

Grapefruit Seed Extract is a powerful and effective remedy for athlete’s foot. It’s has a potent antimicrobial property which is effective in treating a wide range of virus and infections. Some people find it more potent than tea tree. As the name implies grapefruit seed extract is derived from seed, pulp, and peel of grapefruit. Most of my friends also use it for conditions like core sores, warts, acne, and dandruff. It can be applied orally on athlete’s food or used topically on the infections.

Myrrh Oil for Athlete’s Foot

If you can lay your hands on this oil, then you have all you need to battle any type of fungi. The oil is anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiviral, antiseptic, antiviral and is laden with anti-oxidant. It can also serve as a skin care oil and can be used in the treatment of other infections like candida, eczema, ringworm, vaginal thrush, etc. Simply apply and massage the oil on the affected area. Repeat this 3 times daily. Doing this will relieve the painful itching and cure the infection. You can also prepare a foot bath with Myrrh oil and soak your feet inside. You can get Myrrh oil here

Apple Cider Vinegar for Athlete’s Foot

Apple cider vinegar is one of my personal favorite natural remedies. The brand I use the most is the Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar. I have written a comprehensive detailed use about it in my book so I suggest you buy a copy. ACV is antifungal and anti-viral and used as a panacea for most ailments. If you suffer from allergies, acne, dandruff and candida – you can also benefit from using ACV. Its alkaline in nature so, therefore, creates and unconducive environment for fungus. To use ACV, simply dilute it in water and soak your foot in the solution for about 10 minutes – repeat this twice daily for maximum result.

Green Tea for Athlete’s Foot

Green Tea is rich in polyphenols, which is a molecule that helps prevent inflammation and cure infections due to a virus. Green tea contains two important compounds known as catechins and caffeine – these compounds possess strong anti-microbial properties that help ward off fungi infections and other microorganisms. To use green tea for Athlete’s foot, make a foot bath with green tea and soak your feet in it for 10 minutes. Repeat this till the infection is gone for good.

Few Points to note

  1. Avoid Refined Sugar: If you are prone to Athlete’s foot, you should keep away from refined sugar. It’s advised you stay away from food laden with refined sugar. Refine sugar allow athletes foot to flourish
  2. Use Echinacea: In order to prevent further reoccurrence of athlete’s foot there is a need to boost your immune system. Echinacea is one of the herbs good for boosting the immune system. This herb should not be taken everyday else it might weaken the immune system. Endeavor to read the label for a proper way of taking it.
  3. Use Vitamin C: Vitamin is very effective in boosting the immune system and helps keep the blood levels constant