Simple But Effective Health Caring Tips for Working Women

In Natural Medicine by Kristy Jones

But with this shift in role comes several problems. Most modern women today due to poor exercise regime and suffer from poor health. A lot of them are victim of obesity and others are facing difficulties juggling between their home and career.

But simply sitting there and complaining isn’t helpful either. A healthy balance between personal and professional growth is what is needed at the moment.

Here are simple but effective health caring tips for working women:

Health Caring Tip #1: Stay Active

During the day, try to walk and stand up as much as possible. Talk with your hands free. Avoid chairs. When you don’t have much typing work to do, stand up as you type.

During the lunch, take a walk, or take small breaks every 30 minutes, walk around for a minute, and then, get back to your desk.

Health Caring Tip #2: Store Healthy Snacks in Your House

If you snack throughout the day, make sure they’re healthy. Store healthy snacks in your refrigerator so that you do not end up eating trash and suffer from various lifestyle diseases.

Health Caring Tip #3: Choose an effective exercise routine

Select an exercise routine that is comfortable to you. Try to do 20-30 minutes of strength twice a week or interval training like running and walking for another 20-30 minutes. This will help you tone down your entire body.

Health Caring Tip #4: Do not skip breakfast

In order to stay healthy and active, working women should maintain a proper diet routine in addition to weekly workouts. For example, include variety of fruits in your breakfast as fresh fruits keeps away your sugar cravings. Along with fresh fruits, you can also include some dry fruits for extra energy.

Include cheese, butter, bread, milk, and yogurt in your breakfast too.

Health Caring Tip #5: Use Treadmill for Brisk Walk

Turn on the treadmill and do at least 10 minutes of brisk walk or jogging. To increase resistance, hold a 3-5 pound dumbbell in each hand and walk.

As you walk, do one-minute set of biceps, triceps, and side laterals one after another as you walk.

This exercise will not only tone your upper body, but also help pump blood into your heart smoothly.

Health Caring Tip #6: Measure Your Progress

Stay focused and keep yourself motivated by creating a fitness report for yourself. Jot down your work out details (weight, sets, reps, time on the treadmill, etc.) on this report every time you hit the gym or exercise.

Look at this report for quick reference and to know where to improve. As you progress, grade yourself too. This will help you to be motivated and also help you to notice your improvements.