natural remedy for diabetes

The best natural remedy for diabetes, I tried it on Grammy and it worked!   

In Herbal Remedies, Natural Medicine by Marvin Francis

Over time I have read on the internet that okra soaked in water overnight can help reduce blood sugar and control diabetes. I played deaf eyes to these claims, until one day I saw it on a reputable website. I am a kind of guy who loves to experiment on anything about natural remedies, for one thing I know, there can never be a side effect when it comes to nature, either it works or it doesn’t. So luckily for me my grandmother was diabetic and she has being my lab rat on these kinds of experiments. The last time, we tried the bitter ground remedy and it really worked for her, now we are going to try the okra remedy which for me now still remains the best natural remedy for diabetes.

I paid her a visit and she was so excited to see me, because I always bring good news, with my help she ditched medications and completely embraced the natural ways. She looked very happy, cheerful and happy with no signs of worries, (At 80 she still chops firewoods, she seems to prefer it than modern cooking equipment’s) So I shared the news with her and she opted to give it a try for 7 days.

All that was needed was to take  few okra, chop the ends off, you will notice a sticky white liquid, do not wash it off, just immense them into a bowl of water at night before you go to bed, leave it overnight and don’t forget to cover it.

In the morning when you wake up, take out the okra pieces and drink the water, try it for like a week or two. This should dramatically lower your blood sugar level. The 7 days experiment with my grandmother showed remarkable improvement and she showered me with loads of gifts. Oh! God, I love my grammy so much, wish I had more time to spend with her, she always have cool stories to tell and she will never stop telling me how she meet grand paa. I think am getting too personal here, so back to our okra remedy.

Another very important fact to note is that raw okra helps cure diabetes much than cooked once.

So what is it about okra that helps reduce diabetes? All diabetics are advised to have food that low glycemic index. Okra has a glycemic index of 20. According to medical standards that is a very low GI food. Diabetics can easily snack on okra recipes to fill their stomach and also control their blood sugar levels.