What is flavonoids?

In Natural Medicine by Marvin Francis

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Flavonoids are especially potent antioxidants and metal chelators. They are the largest category of plant compounds called polyphenols. They are chemical compounds that plants produce to protect themselves from parasites, bacteria, and cell injury. More than 4,000 chemically unique flavonoids are known; they occur in fruits, vegetables, spices, seeds, nuts, flowers, and bark. Wine (particularly red wine), apples, blueberries, bilberries, onions, soy products and tea are some of the best food sources of flavonoids. Certain flavonoids in fruits and vegetables have much greater antioxidant activity than vitamins C and E or beta-carotene. In fact, flavonoids protect the antioxidant vitamins from oxidative damage.

Numerous medicinal herbs contain therapeutic amounts of flavonoids; they often are a major component of an herb’s medicinal activity, which include helping prevent heart disease and cancer, and reducing the incidence of neurodegenerative diseases.

Natural sources of the flavonoids include almonds, apples, broccoli, citrus fruits, tea, tomatoes, onions, soybeans, and red wine.[/vc_cta_button2][/vc_column][/vc_row]