Why cabbage juice is best for ulcer treatment  ( Cabbage Juice for ulcer )

In Juice Recipes, Juicing for Health by Marvin Francis

Cabbage juice for me is by far the best treatment for ulcer. It has being documented in the medical research as having remarkable success in the treatment of peptic ulcer. Cabbage juice works by increasing the amount of protective substance that lines the intestine. A breakdown in the integrity of this lining is what causes most ulcers. Cabbage juice helps to address the underlying cause of most ulcers. Majority of patients usually experience their healing in about 7 day of taking cabbage juice.

Most of us fall into the trap of taking medications or pills for ulcer treatment, these drugs don’t produce a true cure rather they suppress the symptoms and can be sometimes addictive there by interfering with the body’s natural digestive processes, producing g significant disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract. Long term use of these acid blocking drugs can lead to risk of osteoporosis, heart arrhythmias, intestinal infections, and gastrointestinal cancers.

I highly recommend you stay away from the causative factors of ulcer, which are cigarette smoking, alcohol, coffee, stress and drugs such as aspirin.

Once these factors have being addressed, focus on healing the body by eating high fibrous foods and consuming your cabbage juice.


Below is a simple Cabbage Juice for ulcer

½   Head cabbage

1   Apple or 2 carrots

¼  Cup steam distilled water


  • Thorough wash the vegetables and fruits, peeling the apple or carrots. Cut the produce into small enough, pieces to fit into the juicer
  • Process the vegetables and fruit in the juicer. Add the water and drink immediately. Do not allow it to stand, so as not to lose its benefit