Why raw food is best for you

In Ayurveda, Healthy Smoothie, Herbal Remedies, Natural Medicine by Marvin Francis

Once the produce are ready, wash thoroughly with water to rid of any chemicals by using soft vegetable brush to scrub the foods and then let them soak it water.
Most fruits and vegetable should be eaten in their entirety, as all the parts, including skin, containing valuable nutrients. When eating citrus remove the rinds but eat the white part inside the skin for its vitamin C and bioflavonoid content.

Why do I recommend eating raw?
Four things happen to food when you cook it, you change the molecular structure, you kill the enzymes, you denature the vitamins and minerals, and you change the pH. Now what does that mean to the body?”
Let imagine putting tea in place of gas in a vehicle. Tea looks like gas, its liquid like gas, it’s the same colour as gas, but it doesn’t make your car run. Why? Because the molecular structure of tea is not the same as the molecular structure of gas and your car knows the difference and doesn’t run.” In the same way, the body knows the difference between the molecular structure of cooked food and raw food.
The enzymes, which every raw food has in order to digest itself, are chain links of proteins, essential to our health a sack of enzymes as we go through life, blood enzymes, metabolic enzymes, digestive enzymes—we are enzymes from head to foot.” Enzymes not only help digest food, they provide stimulation for the brain, energy for the body and help repair tissues, organs, and cells. Unfortunately, cooking destroys enzymes.
When I started Thenaturesfarmacy, I decided to go raw, within the first two months people where asking me, what are you doing? You look so fresh.
Every food we eat should have its enzymes intact so we can digest the food we just ate stress-free.

Your body doesn’t have to do anything. How fabulous is that? Since the body is able to use the raw food’s own enzymes to break it down, it doesn’t have to make more enzymes out of raw materials, a process that depletes the body’s stores of vitamins and minerals. going down to more reason why raw food is best for you.

Heat also destroys many vitamins in our food, which is how they are denatured. When you heat them, they aren’t left in a form that is fully absorbable by the body. Vitamin D, in order for calcium to be absorbed, vitamin D is extremely volatile in heat, it loses its nature immediately and once vitamin D is denatured, we can’t absorb the calcium. So all these vitamins live in the world together in this vegetable or fruit, and they’re connected, so that when some of them are destroyed or denatured by heat, our bodies can’t absorb what we need and we end up with very few essential nutrients.
pH is chemical term for measuring the amounts of acid or alkali, the pH balance in our bodies has a direct effect on our health. The body is either acidic or alkaline but the point is that we’ve got to keep a perfect balance of both. The body is acidic by nature, since our bodies make a lot of acid. We make lactic acid when we work out and hydrochloric acid to digest our food.
Our organs like to sit in a neutral pH, we’re an acid system, so how are we going to get the alkali to neutralize our bodies? Raw food! Raw food is alkaline, cooked food is acid. It’s a brilliant plan. Eat raw, unprocessed foods, keep the pH balance, re-feed the vitamins and minerals, let the food digest itself with no stress, and presto! You have a healthy, happy organism that can live for a very long time disease-free. Because you know what disease is? It’s the breakdown of the body. If we balance the body, it becomes the environment it was meant to be for our organs, our cells and our cell metabolism.”